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The University The University of Nebraska says that elderly people that drink beer or wine at least four times a week have the highest bone density. They need it - they're the ones falling down the most.Base Service Customers Customs Cut Cutbacks Cute Girl Cuts Cutting Edge Room Cutting-Edge Cuz Cyber Cyberspace Cycle Cycles Cyclic Cyclical Cycling Cyclist Cyclists Cylinders Cynic Cynical Cynically Cynicism Cynics Cynthia Cyprus Dabble Dabbled Dabbling Dad Daddy Dads Daffy Daft Dagger Dailies Basis Bread Experience Life Lives News Show Work Dainty Dairy Daisy Dakota Dakotans Dalai Lama Dale Daley Dali Dallas Cowboys Dalton Dam Damage Damaged Damages Damaging Dame Dammed Damn Fool Thing Damnably Damnation Damned Damning Damon Damp Dams Dan Quayle Rather Dance Classes Floor Music Danced Dancer Dancers Dances Dancing Dandy Danger Dangerous Drug Place Thing Dangerously Dangers Daniel Radcliffe Daniels Danish Danny Dante Dare Dared Daredevil Dares Daresay Darfur Darin Daring Dark Ages Hair Place Places Shadows Side Time Darken Darkened Darkens Darker Darkest Darkness Darkroom Darling Darlings Darn Darned Darrell Dart Darth Vader Darts Darwin Darwinian Theory Darwinism Daschle Dash Dashed Data Database Databases Date Dated Dates Dating Daughter Daughters Daunting Dave Matthews David Bowie Cronenberg Letterman Lynch Davidson Davis Cup Dawn Dawned Dawning Dawns Dawson Day Day Day-In Day-Out Day-To-Day Basis Life Daybreak Daydream Daydreamer Daydreaming Daylight Days Daytime Dayton Daytona Dazed Dazzle Dazzling Niro Deacon Dead End Horse People Dead-End Street Deadening Deadliest Deadline Deadlines Deadly Deaf People Deafening Deafness Deal Dealer Dealers Dealing Dealings Deals Dealt Dean Martin Dear Friend Dearer Dearest Friend Dearly Dears Dearth Death Taxes Penalty Tax Deathbed Deathly Deaths Debarred Debase Debases Debatable Debate Debated Debates Debating Debbie Debilitating Debonair Debra Debris Ceiling Limit Debtor Debtors Debts Debugging Debussy Debut Dec Decade Decadence Decadent Decades Declaim Decorate Decorator Decreed Decrees DecrepitDedicate